Russia: twitter threaten around 100.000 euro penalty for demo calls per nawalny

Russia: twitter threaten around 100.000 euro penalty for demo calls per nawalny

A Verwaltungsgericht in Moscow has Twitter, according to agency Interfax to a fine in the high of approximately 100.000 Euro (8.9 million rubles) convicted, since the short message service calls to unauthorized demonstrations did not lose. The premiences are related to protests against the arrest of the oppositonic politician Alexej Nawalny, for which ten thousands of Russians in January had gone to the strain. Nawalny’s support for Twitter has been intensively used in Russia.

Twitter stalked in Russia since Mitte Marz

The charge point was that the rallies had been illegal and that Nawalny’s employees had called for specifically young people about Twitter to protest. The verdict is at the end of a longest chain of cheeks and threats. Thus, the Russian telecommunications supervisor Roskomnadsor had previously criticized the US Group for the US Group that after repeated prompts, he did not give thousands of contributions to the authority, according to Russian law,. According to own information, Roskomnadsor Mitte Marz started to throttle Twitter nationwide.

First throttling, soon nationwide lock?

Overall, over 3200 tweets should be legally irrigated, the operators of the social network had not responded to list requests. According to the Roskomnadsor, it was used to contribute in the covers mainly to children’s pornography, calls for suicide and the use of custodians. Beginning Marz 2020 had threatened the telecommunications supervision to the US Group with a money pit, then in the middle of Marz then started to implement a throttling and placed a nationwide barrier. At the beginning of the year, Roskomnadsor had already challenged Facebook and other operators of social networks Bubgelder and more courtesy.

Kremlin Helfe threatens, critics see animeration

The current process around the administrative court judgment against Twitter can be read in the VK profile of Roskomnadsor (entry in Russian). The internet platforms are called to meet your social responsibility. Roskomnadsor refers to the post "illegal information" as "Dangerous for life and health of users, especially children and adolescents". The entry can be seen that the telecommunications supervision could be imposed on repeated violations also pubes up to a tenth of annual turnover of the Group concerned.

The assistants of the opposition nawalny see in the project of the Kremlin-related authority, above all, an attempt of subprocessing and vacuum deviating political opinions. According to them, it is a pretext to proceed against their protest. Organizations such as reporters without borders, Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International criticize the procedures as an attempt of the Russian state to scrutinize freedom of expression.

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