Platooning: munchner city buses should get electronic draws

Platooning: Munchner city buses should get electronic draws

So far, the munchner transport company arises to a strong demand with joint buses or appendages. However, they need too much energy and can not be used flexibly enough to react to highly fluctuating passenger numbers. The solution of the problem is platooning, now the karlsruhe institute for technology (kit), the stadtwerke munchen and the vehicle manufacturer ebusco

In munchen all buses should be replaced in the long term by electrically powered vehicles. "When the towing vehicles electrifying, enormous electrical energy had to be used to move the trail", completed prof. Eric sax, head of the institute for technology of information processing at kit. In addition, to motorize the appendine, neither cost-energy efficient. A purely electronic and information technology coupling as in platooning, however, allow it to couple full vehicles.

"When platooning, only the foremost vehicle must be controlled by a driver to automatically follow all subsequent ones", explains sax. The units of the formation are not physically, but only information technology. The "electronic drawbar" konne easily decoupled and platoons thus slightly divided and reconnected. Since geared vehicle types are used, the electrification is easier and cheaper.

Platooning with truck

First, the kit works on the concept for the platooning of city buses, the algorithms are always on automation. These should be used in a bus prototype, which should be ready until mid-2022. This should be tested on the new test field for electrified and automated vehicles in public transport in the munchner north. In the middle of the decade, the digitally coupled buses could come to the strain.

So far, platooning is mainly intended for truck columns. Discussing trucks in the windshades could save fuel; an idea that did not get all in tests of man in germany. Daimler had tested digitally coupled convoys in the usa. In january 2019, it strolled out of the group, from the platoiding argues "no business model for customers". While fuel will be saved, but the convoys can be discovered in the current traffic again and again, this advantage was made against it if trucks want to quickly add to the front truck.