Package manager: npm 7.1.0 lays new functions

Package manager: npm 7.1.0 lays new functions

While the NPM team has already integrated a number of new features in the Command Line Interface (CLI) for the Major Release 7 for the JavaScript packet manager for the Major Release 7, can be found in Update NPM 7.1.0 Two more new features: NPM set script and NPM Exec. In addition, the Minor Release contains updates of the Dependencies, the documentation and bugfixes.

To manage developers and developers.To facilitate JSON scripts, the new command NPM set script is available in the package manager. To create a task in the scripts section of Package.JSON only requires the function the name of the script as well as the desired command as arguments.

The second new function NPM EXEC generates an interactive shell mode if it is executed without getting arguments. Developers receive the possibility to interactive exams in an NPM script environment interactively. All previous Arg / Shell-Escape mechanisms are thus overflowed and should be completely eliminated in artificial releases.

More details and information about all other innovations in NPM 7.1.0 can be found in the NPMJS blog post to publish the package manager update.

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