No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist “pissed off”

No car purchase program for burners: trade unionist'stinksauer''stinksauer'

Spd boss norbert walter-borjans defended the past week of the federal government decided stimulus packet against criticism from the car industry. It will not be, "that those who have acted wrong for a long time – the cars – today not just say if we have to help, but how we have that to do", said the spd boss in the ard.

The industry has made rough profits for a long time. Now that money of taxpayers are used, it’s about one "change in the right direction. And they have to live: we have to go towards e-mobilitat", said walter-borjans in the show "report from berlin" on sunday.

Previously had been talked to representatives of the industry, walter-borjans said. The economic stimulus package contains much of which they have benefited: changed depreciation rules, tax regulations or billion investments in research.

Double and nothing

The criticism from the automotive industry, but also of trade unionists, is mainly involved in the fact that there is no purchase program for cars with the combustion engine, for those with electric drive, however, it is doubled. This had received social democrats against the resistance further parts of cdu and csu enforced.

Walter-borjans’ with-spd chairman saskia esken did not want to confirm in bavarian broadcasting on monday that the proposal to demand only environmental contracts, personal from her. This corresponds to the attitude of the party and the spd faction in bundestag, she said.

Esken generally questioned the effectiveness of car purchase programs and referred to the small influence of the scrapping program, which was decided under the 2008/2009 financial crisis. At present, people became more thinking about other than the acquisition of a new car anyway. Esken stressed, however, to help the industry. Only must this have happened forward-looking. She rejected criticism of the former spd boss sigmar gabriel back, which his party populist rejection of claims for the auto industry" had accused.