“M” as in “manual”

Munich, 8. July 2015 – with 317 kw. The weight of around 1.5 tons can only partially compensate for the performance disadvantage compared with the audi rs4 and especially the 510-hp mercedes c 63 amg, but the lower weight helps with the other driving dynamics. Those who get involved in the action like this also like to change gears themselves – even if that seems to be a bit out of fashion these days. We tried the m4 with its manual transmission, which has become rare in the competitive field.

In the age of the dual clutch transmission

The more curves the better. The munich engineers have done an excellent job with the chassis, and they haven’t forgotten how to tune a manual transmission in the age of the dual-clutch gearbox. However, the stick is sometimes a bit bony in the lanes and requires a lot of power. The clutch is also rough to work with. Particularly in low gears, the clutch pedal has to be handled with care so that the passenger doesn’t nod heavily every time, at least in city traffic.

A small digression: bmw has already done a lot here, because the clutch is strongly demanded by the 550 nm torque and must therefore snap a little more snappily, in order to let damaging grinding fail as briefly as possible. The brittleness in shifting may also have to do with the dimensioning of the gearbox and synchronization, so that it can cope with the coarse torque of the engine. It is to bmw’s credit that they still offer a manual transmission in this power class. Other manufacturers are so concerned about damage from clutch misoperation that they use either torque converters (in classic automatic transmissions) or automatically operated clutches (in dual clutch transmissions or automated manual transmissions) "smg" at bmw). However, bmw is apparently also in the process of considering whether to continue offering the m models with manual transmissions in the future.

Fast gear changes at higher speeds also show that the new engine is well fed, but despite eleven extra horsepower, it does not develop the smooth power delivery of the manual. Here the optional double-clutch transmission (3900 euros surcharge) was booted out quite a bit. Also with the adaptive m chassis (1900 euro extra) equipped is the no gentle one. Even in the comfort setting, potholes and joints are very present. It helps that the front sports seats are comfortable and offer good lateral support.