Gaia-x: specifications of the federation services completed

Gaia-X: Specifications of the Federation Services completed

The specifications of the first four gaia x federation services are completed. They are the basis for souverane identities, a catalog for providers and services, assistance for the sovereign data exchange and compliance considerations. With gaia-x, the eu calls for the establishment of a faulted and transparent cloud infrastructure without lock-in effects.

The former federation services also heat identity trust service and include authentication and authorization, credential management, a decentralized identity management and verifying analog credentials. The catalog receives the name federated catalogue. He bundled all offers of providers, users should find in him the most suitable service.

Four specifications follow tenders

In the so-called sovereign data exchange services, the negotiation of data carrier over the network is primarily regulated. So data usage policies should be enforced. The compliance services do not define how providers and their services are included in gaia-x. Furthermore, they include technical approaches to monitor compliance with the joint rules (policy rules).

In addition, the specification of an integration level is completed: the gaia-x portal should help among other things in onboarding and accreditation of participants as well as during orchestration and provisioning services.

As a next, the projectburo wants to write and award the 17 defined trades in eu-wide. The aim is that at the end of 2021 the first services are available. Many companies were involved in the specifications of the federation services, details can be found on gxfs.De. It companies and eu set rough hopes in gaia-x to meet the us cloud providers’ us cloud providers.