Fine dusts 2011 despite environmental zones too high

Despite more than 50 environmental zones, the air in germany has been burdened in 2011 too strongly with particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide. The fine dust values were even on the level of 2007 to 2010. This gave a first evaluation of the federal environmental agency (uba) of measurement data of the lander and the uba. Especially in the city and metropolitan areas, the limits for particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide were overridden too much, threw it.

At the fine dust, this was therefore 42 percent of the traffic-related measuring stations over the admitted day limit value – this only allows 35 days with 50 micrograms fine dust per cubic meter of air. In the nitrogen dioxide, 57 percent of the stations were located in the city’s allowed annual average value of 40 micrograms. "In coarse parts of germany, the air has a good quality," emphasized uba prasident jochen flasbarth. "However, we have to do more where the breath of humans is still burdened with too much fine dust and nitrogen dioxide: in the city and conurbations."Environmental zones where only low-puffed cars can be retracted in the inner-day, they are a suitable means for a suitable means. Flasbarth pointed out that environmental zones are only part of the solution, since particulate matter and nitrogen oxides arise too coarse part of combustion processes in industry and households.

Another factor that is not influenced by man, be the weather: in high-prere weather conditions, the air will be much less mixed – pollutants are collecting in the city. The konne fell that the air itself becomes worse when emissions from cars, heaters or factories remain the same. In 2011, there were several such weather conditions: from the end of january to marz and in november, this leads to more frequent overruns of the fine dust daily limit than in previous years.