Eu commission wants european charging network for e cars

Hundreds of thousands of charging stations for electric cars should be created according to the will of the eu commission in theest years in europe. Appropriate tarpaulin wants to introduce eu traffic commissar siim kallas on thursday in brussel. The initiative of brussels authorities also contains concrete specifications for every eu country for gas stations for natural gas and hydrogen by 2020. All this should make traffic in europe less dependent on ol and facilitate the transition to climate-friendly technologies. Germany has already today with 1937 stations, according to the eu commission, most electro-filling stations in europe (as of 2011). By 2020 it should be in germany alone.Become 000 taps. There are also good news for german electric tankers: the included charging plugs should become european standard.

Also natural gas drivers should become more mobile. You should take the following 150 kilometers to drive up to the next tap. This could increase the proportion of natural gas cars at the european fleet from currently 0.5 to 5 percent by 2020, the eu commission means. There are almost 840 petrol stations today in germany – that’s a lot in the european comparison. In european neighboring countries is autogas popularer. For hydrogen tank stations, the eu-landers should develop common standards. Proposals for biofuels does not exercise the eu commission because they do not require a special infrastructure.

Currently the market for alternative fuels mainly due to lack of infrastructure, says transport commissar kallas. So there are only 38 full stations for flowers throughout europe. Taps should now be created along important routes at the distance from highly 400 kilometers. Especially ships and trucks use the substance according to the brussels authority to operate. Ships are to recharge until 2020 in the important european port of flowers. According to the commission, this is only in a swedish seaport.

The brussels authority is convinced that their proposal rejected despite the scatzed total cost of 10.5 billion euros to 2020 below. By lower olimports alone, 2.3 billion euros per year will save themselves by 2030. Numbers for the expansion should have private investors according to the presentation of the commission anyway. An expert explained, so the resisted, for example, in the awarding of construction assignment requested that parking garage or locking states included electric petrol stations or similar plants.