Driving report yamaha tenere 700

Driving report yamaha tenere 700

The tenere 700 must compete a rough heritage. Your ancestin xt 600 z tenere was in the mid-1980s as the travel enduro par excellence, was sometimes even the best-selling motorcycle in europe. Named after one of the most lifeliest regions of the sahara – once the rally paris-dakar rally – the 162 kilograms of light single-cylinder enduro mastered any thread through long spring trails and a monumental 30-liter tank and developed a legendary reputation.

In the course of their long career, however, the tenere started more and more bacon, became gross, heavier and unwieldy, until finely hardly anyway was abstained by the original enduro thought. When she was set in 2017, the xt 660 z tenere was the last japanese travel enduro with single-cylinder engine. With only 48 hp, but 211 kilograms of weight she was passed by the two-cylindrical competition.

Finally rewarded

Yamaha therefore planned the successor in general manifold and deared a lot of time during development. For years, prototypes appeared on various motorcycle fairs, until the new tenere 700 finally came to the market this year. Yamaha put on landability with their rough emphasis and thus went the opposite way like the competition. The muhe has paid off, instead of a funf-zentner balancing brint with leather armchair and infotainment, is the new tenere 700 rank and slim there.

Their athletic look looks like the yamaha just wait for the trip to dakar finally started. In fact, she fully filled only 204 kilograms on the scales. The design does not deny the rally genes, the cladding towers up high, the windshield is almost vertical. The similarity to the yamaha wr 450 f rally replica is unmistakable.

Two-cylinder from the mt-07

Even if the tenere has been built since 1983 with a single cylinder engine, yamaha decided to finish the tradition and they look like their coarse sister, the super tenere, with a two-cylinder. Yamaha did not even need to construct long, but handle the two-cylinder series motor from the yamaha mt-07 (test). The cros plane engine of the second-selling motorcycle in germany has 689 cubic centimeters and 75 hp, but always fails after more, runs like the devil and is a pattern of running culture. In tenere 700, the peak power was capped by two ps in favor of a better torque curve.

The first driving impression therefore falls very positively: the enduro spurts out of the stand hurtig loose, turns fled up and also shy any five-digit speeds. It is not necessary, because even in the sixth gear, the two-cylinder from the city tempo takes 50 unloadless to the highest speed of 193 km / h. Hardly to believe that the engine really only 73 hp and 68 nm should have.

Comfortable, but high

The seating position is relaxed with a coarse knewgle and the padding proves to be more comfortable than it looks at first glance. Even after a 200 kilometer round, the driver still rises painless. However, the pilot perched in airy 880 millimeters high. For a short growing stop yamaha but a lower bench and a low-laid set in the accessory parat.