Daimler wants to sell smart work

Daimler wants to sell smart work

The car maker daimler trims its worldwide network of production sites for more efficiency and wants to sell the work in the french hambach. The group must already save power for the enormous cost of digitization and the change in the industry for electromobility. Now the covid 19 pandemic is still coming to lead to new framework conditions in the market – "in this context, we optimize our global production network", said board leader ola kallenius on friday (3. July 2020). "That’s why we intend to take on the sale of the hambach factory."

The smart is produced from the afterest generation in china

At the location near the border with germany 1600 employees are employed. There is still the micro-smart car built, the daimler wants to produce from the next model generation together with his rough action geely in china. The two corporations had founded a new company together to give the brand new momentum. Hambach had to get a compact car from the new eq of mercedes-benz’s new eq electric model series, according to fruheren wradies.

Information about a schedule for sales language daimler did not. "An important goal is to secure the future of the location", said research director markus scherer. "Further pramisse: the current smart models should continue to be produced in hambach." more than two million smart two-seaters (test) ran away from the band until today. The four-seater models builds cooperation partners renault in his work in slovenia.

The sale is priced negatively

Daimler currently has, like all automakers, to fight with the dramatic consequences of the covid 19 pandemic. The sales broke, for weeks, parts of production stood still, the profit rooted. Next week is the annual general meeting, two weeks, the group presents the numbers for the second quarter. The planned sale of the factory in hambach will beat in the mercedes-benz ag with a negative special effect in a medium-three-digit millionhow to beech, relyed daimler.