Covid 19 vaccine from johnson johnson receives emergency duty in the us

Covid 19 vaccine from johnson johnson receives emergency duty in the us

In the USA, a third vaccine against the COVID-19 disease can now be used from now: the drug fabrics FDA (U. S. Food and Drug Administration) ied the Praparat of the company Johnson Johnson an emergency call. In addition to this vaccine in the EU is also requested, but a decision is still out.

Only one vaccination required

The remedy of the US medical device manufacturer Johnson Johnson is the first to be sprayed only once. The already approved premiums of competitors Moderna and Biontech / Pfizer, however, need two vaccinations. Johnson Johnson had requested the in the beginning of February, the FDA had given her that Saturday.

US Prasident Biden welcomed the plenty and spoke on Saturday "Inspiring news for all Americans and encouraging development in our chairs to end the crisis". However, the availability of a third vaccine does not mean the all-clear – it continues to be able to vaccinate as many people as much as possible as well as continue to comply with distance and hygiene rules.

Less protection than the competitors

In mid-February, Johnson Johnson also had his subsidiary Janssen-Cilag International N.V. An emergency call for EU drugs for EMA is requested. The EMA wants to prap against the disease transmitted by the SARS COV 2 virus in an accelerated procedure, the status committee is expected to give its rating center Marz.

At the end of January, Johnson Johnson had an intermediate result of his Phase III study with around 44.Provided 000 subjects, according to which the vaccine offer four weeks after administration a 66 percent protection against medium or heavy COVID 19 disease rations. The effectiveness against serious illnesses was given at 85 percent. The percentages mean that there were less trap in the vaccinated subject group than in the placebo subbums group. For some competitive products, however, the effectiveness of study results is high.

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