Climate package: higher commuter allowance for millions

Climate package: higher commuter allowance for millions

Several million taxpayers are expected to benefit from the planned higher mileage allowance for long-distance commuters. In 2015, some 6.7 million citizens reported commutes to work of more than 20 kilometers on their tax returns, according to the Federal Statistical Office on Friday (4. October 2019) in Wiesbaden reported. 86 percent covered at least part of the distance by car.

The actual number of persons was allowed to be higher, as married couples and civil partnerships assessed together are only registered as one tax case. More recent figures are not available because, according to the Federal Office for Reliable Results, the long deadlines for tax assessment must first be waited for.

Planned increase of five cents per kilometer

In its "climate package", the federal government plans to increase the commuter allowance from 21. kilometer from 2021 onwards from 30 to 35 cents per kilometer, limited until the end of 2026. This amount may be deducted from taxable income per working day, it pays the single distance.

In 2015, taxpayers together reported 26.8 billion kilometers above the 20-kilometer limit, as reported by the Federal Office. If 5 cents more could be deducted in each case, taxable income fell by 1.34 billion euros.

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