Cartel office is to get sharp powers against digital companies

Cartel office is to get sharp powers against digital companies

With a lawnove name, the federal government wants to give the cartel butords more powers in the control of the rough digital companies such as google, apple, facebook and amazon. On wednesday, the cabinet agreed to a draft federal minister of economics peter altmaier (cdu) for a reform of the law against competition restrictions (gwb). According to this, the bundeskartellamt is designed to make way more easily against competitive distortions if dominated digital companies take advantage of their position.

For example, it should be ensured that the internettries offer their products on their own platforms not privileged privileged from products of competitors. Antitrust procedures should be accelerated so that the aborders can take advantage of a fair competition.

Altmaier: one "milestone"

In addition, the amendment also provides for a revision of the merger controls, so that the bundeskartellamt is to focus on relevant mergers. Conclusion of middle-class companies should only be subject to control if all participating companies in germany do at least one annual turnover of ten million euros, instead of hitherto fun millions.

Altmaier called the lawnove as "milestone". The reform will "use many middle-class companies". Above all, she will "millions of consumers help you orient yourself with digital offers and to make decisions unaffected".

Kartellamts boss is looking forward to

The bundeskartellamt had recently challenged more opportunities for the control of coarse digital corporations. "We are pleased that the legislative process progresses now", said cartellamprajing andreas mundt. The bill contains important pensions, for example in terms of dealing with coarse internet platforms. "This will enable us to be able to quotes even more effectively and faster, if rough platforms dangean the competition", said mouth.

Finally, the bonn competition huter had accused for facebook to abuse its dominant position for inadequate terms of contractual terms for users and to distort the competition. The authority had adopted a suitable fraction against which facebook approached at the higher regional court (olg) dusseldorf and which is not yet decided. Also the dispute between apple and the fortnite makers epic over the app store rules of the iphone group is targeted by the author.

Concern about german companies

The federal association of the german industry (bdi) provides the planned compilation of abuse supervision critical: "with the law, germany was not advanced the education of internationally competitive digital companies", said iris ploger, member of the main fuel. The planned compensation did not only have gross foreign digital companies, but also smaller companies in germany, if they wanted to remember new market.

The consumer center of the federal association (vzbv) sees a new regulation "positive paradigm change". The federal cartel office konne kunftig "proactive against companies", which misuse your market power. "With the draft gwb designed by the federal cabinet today, germany was able to make the international pioneer for digital competition law", said vzbv board klaus muller.