C’t online: out of the performance trap

C't online: out of the performance trap't Online: Out of the Performance Trap't online: raus aus der performance-falle

Google announced, in May the "Page Experience" as a ranking factor of its search engine. In particular, the website performance pays. So if you want to ensure in the future that your pages will be prominently appeared in the search results pages, should be careful that they shop. There is a naturally different reason to pay attention to the website performance. If about a page is too long, the audience clicks elsewhere elsewhere.

In six submission shows the C’t on the 9. February, whereupon you have to pay attention to the topic Web Performace. Martin Splitt, Developer Advocate on Google, will show in his lecture what Google imagines under good performance, keyword: Core Web Vitals. Especially much optimization potential offer pictures. How to turn this fully exhausted, Sia Karamalegos explains.

Brakes traces and lots

Christian Schaefer presents two tools that allow you to carry out any number of frontend-hanging in light speed: Chrome DevTools and Cloudflare Workers. At Benjamin Kluck and Peter Mosenthin, it’s about caches and other means of performance increase, such as the question of which Max Age Man Where to Use and Help Service Worker on Performance and Competibility.

Jessica Lyschik is in her lecture on the many possibilities, which offers WordPress for the optimization, but also looks over the box. Your lecture also helps users of other systems to track and eliminate performance brakes. Peter Kroner will demonstrate how browsers optimize their JavaScript parsing, which strategies can be used as part of a runtime optimization and how developers can work to the browser.

Presentation are recorded

The C’T takes place online, we draw the forward carrier. So if you miss a talk, for example because he or she has to look after the home office the homeschooling of the children – no problem, the lecture can be retrieved in departure. Details about the workshops and talks can be found in the agenda on the homepage of the C’t . Tickets for the conference cost 279, for the workshops 499 euros. Combination with the combination of conference and workshops cost 699 euros.

We will pick up the Prasenzverstaltung from 22. Until 23. November 2021 after. Then in the Kolner Event Center Komed on two days and three tracks again around the entire range of frontend development.

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