‘Apple one’: apple’s abo bundle allegedly before the start

Apple schnurt probably packets from his subscription services: the internally under the name "apple one" initiative is preparing a "series of bundles", the customers to subscribe to multiple apple services to a small price advantage, such as the financial news agency bloomberg on thursday, referring to informed persons.

The bundles are suppies more and more important business with services and were expected to be introduced in october – together with the iphone. Apple had previously been confirmed that the new iphones will be "a few weeks" later in this year, as usual towards the end of september.

New subscription service planned with fitness classes

In addition to a basic package from the music and tv streaming services apple music and tv +, the group will offer several different bundle stages with other subscription services such as arcade and icoud storage. According to the report, apple also plans another subscription service with an offer from virtual fitness classes.

The new subscription bundle offers should fly ios 14 the iphone and ipad users, based on apps and services that are already used, writes bloomberg.

The bundles were customers smaller price advantages depending on the package around 2 to 5 us dollars per month area and at the same time ensure that the subscriber numbers of individual services increased. In germany, subscribing to all apple services for the family usage costs 35 euros per month. Additional offers such as apple’s geratensicherung applecare should not be part of the bundle at the beginning, it’s up to date.

Judgment with subscription services for apple is becoming increasingly important

With services, apple has generated a turnover of $ 13.2 billion in the past business quarter alone, it is now the second degree of pillar behind the iphone. You have now over 550 million paying subscribers, explained apple’s financial boss against analysts at the end of july – until the end of the year, the 600 million mark should be cracked. In addition to apple’s own subscription offers, the numbers also include the commission, which the group is at shopping and financial statements of subscriptions in third-party apps.