Amd starts ryzen 3000c for chromebooks

Amd starts ryzen 3000c for chromebooks

AMD expands his portfolio of mobile processors, especially for Chromebooks: Above the powerful (and continued) A4 and A6 models now add two Athlon and three Ryzen. The latter does not belong to the current Ryzen-4000 generation with ZEN-2 technology, but still comes from the 3000er series series. Accordingly, there are a maximum of four Zen / Zen + type cores, the production takes place with 12- and 14 nanometer structures.

Amd starts ryzen 3000c for chromebooks

AMD’s new Chromebook CPU

The differences to known Ryzen-3000 models are only in the name: The Ryzen 7 3700C has the same technical data as the well-known Ryzen 7 3700U. The term ending on -c should help, according to the AMD, in the search for Chromebooks imagined CPU models then actually only find chromebooks.

For high quality Chromebooks

AMD hopes for the C-Ryzens, so that pleasant also in high quality Chromebooks is represented. As part of the Corona and Homeschooling Conditional Notebook Boom, you have already ordered properly with the A4 and A6 CPUs: AMD proclaims one from around 5 percent to 20 percent increase in market share in chromebooks for itself.

The FUF new 3000C CPUs will be used in Chromebooks by Asus, HP and Lenovo this year. Whether these devices will be available in this country is so far unclear: most of the spread Chromebooks continue to have in the US and UK as well as in particular English-affines EU countries such as Scandinavia or Netherlands.

In the short term, AMD had also published special cheap processors for Schuler notebooks, that is "Education"-market. Therefore, Athlon Silver 3050E and AMD 3020E and AMD 3015E each bear "e" In the type designation.

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