Agile workshops for product owner: playfully sharpen his own role

Agile workshops for product owner: playfully sharpen his own role

Around the second product Owner Day, the heise developer, dot.publisher and IT-agile On the 29th. Organized by April, the organizers align four practice workshops on ies of agile software development. Among other things, the participants test themselves how self-organized teams work on how business stories can be used as a tool to demand the value chip of their own company and how product owners clearly rewrite their own role and their own product.

Self-organized teams with foundation

On the 28th. April 2021 makes the organizational consultant and professional book author Sigfried Kaltenecker the prelude to the workshop "Product Owner in self-organized teams". Who participates, what self-organization demands and what they are hindering. Together, the participants behind the theory look at the agile manifests and try preserved techniques on concrete case studies. Tools like Team Canvas, Decision Matrix and Visual Work Management are in focus.

Effect with business stories

The consultants Ulf Mewe and Stefan Rock of IT-Agile offer on 30. April 2021 People with Scrum Basic Label A deepening of the effectiveness of business stories and how to use them as a tool. During Epics and User Stories go to the results, business stories summarize the effect. You can be cut small so that Product Owner will receive a real feedback. Target group are business analysts, project managers and product managers

Agile games and poem

In two other workshops Konenn Product Owner Your own product sharp with Tim Small and Oliver Winter, members of the product worker podcaster. At 3. May 2021 is the self-assessment with the Product Owner Evolution Model (Poem) in the center. Tags drove the Scrum experts Marc Bless and Dennis Wagner into the art of agile games: It’s about what’s what the playful approach is important how to moderate them and, for example, a debriefing works.

Further information

The workshops are designed all day and take place online. They are individually for the price of 449 euros each (plus. 19% VAT.) bookable. More information can be found in the event website.

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