Ag kritis: interior ministry allows the digitization of the administration

Ag kritis: interior ministry allows the digitization of the administration

At the latest 2023, the Muhsame Gang should have an end to the Office, according to the policy: With the online access law of August 2017 (OZG), federal and land have committed to their administrative services until 31.12.To offer 2022 online. A total of 570 services from the registration statement to the demolition approval should then be retrieved over the network.

But already in the last year, experts in the realizability of the ambitious tarpaulin, which Germany should bring in the e-government ranking of the EU from Rank 24 out of 28 in 2019. Now the AG warns critis, an independent association of security professionals with particular expertise in the field of critical infrastructures, before further delays due to the lack of consideration of security ies in the implementation.

The BMI is in the duty

§ 5 "IT security" of the online access law determines that the Federal Ministry of the Interior, for construction and home (BMI) "the standards required to obtain IT security by ordinance" defined. But that’s not happened yet, although the almost five and a half years for the implementation of the OZG have already elapsed three years – ie over the half of the time – and many developments have already started.

In view of the sensitive data and the high complexity of the task, it keep the security experts for "Very complicated or even imaginable", Adaquate security measures after returning. More useful goods have been to think about the IT security from the beginning in the sense of the recognized principle Security by Design. In addition, the legal ordinance for IT security had to be present at the beginning of the implementation.

A spokesman of the BMI explained against our site, the legal ordinance for IT security is currently "with high prere" and should be adopted by the end of 2020. However, there is no reproduction design yet. You are a strive for a ready-to-eat decision to for the actors involved "Coarent planning security" establish.

Work for the ton

The AG critis, however, escorts that "A coarse part of this previously done work of the countries and municipalities is for the ton – because how should software developers be at standards, if not established, which standards these are?" With the current situation is one "Deadline completion of digitized administrative services more than unlikely". and "For years of delay this more than a surgical project, nothing more than a failure".

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