Tryed: outdoor smartphone land rover explore

Tryed: outdoor smartphone land rover explore

"Wherever There’s Work To Be Done – You’ll Find the Land Rover."That was the 1950 advertising Claim at Land Rover. In the tradition of this "Go-Anywhere" allows Land Rover brings out an outdoor smartphone under its own brand name with the "Explore". The manufacturer of this device: the Bullitt Group, which also manufactures robust smartphones for other brands. The engineers know what they do.

An outdoor smartphone needs impact resistance, a coarse battery, a display that remains operable in the rain with gloves and ideally a few additional sensors. All these points are filled with Land Rover. The battery of the Explore comes in two parts. The main battery in the device fits 4000 mAh. The "Adventure Pack" brings again 3620 mAh. It snaps magnetically on the back of the ground. In addition, the Adventure Pack also contains a second, highly sensitive GPS antenna, as otherwise only Profi-GPS devices bring along. A barometer and a compass complete the sensor equipment.


Thus, the Explore offers itself on for things like: Driving the motorcycle to the mountain, Kraxeln over this mountain, find back to the motorcycle, home, everything on a battery allowance. We want to look at motorcycle navigation software for smartphones in the springtime year if the good impression at the autumn rides with Calimoto. The rough battery proved to be insensitive in the test as insensitive to light minus degrees, the manufacturer promises a function down to -30 ° C. My iPhone switches off faster at below 10 ° C as you can "my battery does the size …".

The hardware is already clear that it is superior to the special motorcycle advice "Above and Beyond". TomTom uses in the Rider 550 (from 344,50 €) like Bullitt a capacitive touchscreen. The Capacitive touchscreen of the Explore works better in the rain as well as with gloves better than TomToms solution. In addition, the versatility of an Android device. I would like to use my expensive Garmin Zumo 595 (from 379 €) also for orientation while hiking, but it’s hardly good, neither from the battery nor from the software, although Garmin is excellent with hiking GPS.

Weak: price, camera, OS

At weak fell at the Explore: the high price of around 649 euros (from 260 €). Included in this: the Adventure Pack, a rubber hull and a load carabiner. Our colleagues of Techstage found a usable outdoor smartphone in Cubot King Kong for 109 euros, in the medium priced segment at around 350 euros, there are some good deals. On the Explore still runs Android in version 7.1.1 – When the contested update on the now no longer current Android 8 comes, is open. The cameras do not work at the level of current normal smartphones. And finally weighs the device with the extra battery whopping 420 grams. Overall, however, Land Rovers Explore quotes me so well that I ARGERE, just bought the Garmin Zumo. If bullet still builds a suitable motorcycle holder, you have developed a potential, thankful target group. There is already a separate bicycle mount.

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