Tesla wants to accept payments in bitcoin: price rising on record high

Tesla wants to accept payments in bitcoin: price rising on record high

The digital detention of Bitcoin has received a clear course thrust on Monday and has risen to a record high. The exclusive was that the electric car manufacturer Tesla has invested in a boric document in digital food and wants to accept this art as a means of payment.

Ready record clearly surpassed

The Bitcoin course jumped after the announcement of the message by several thousand US dollars upwards. At the BitsTamp trading platform, the course rose by more than 15 percent to up to 44.899 dollars. The previous record of 42.000 Dollar was clearly surpassed.

A document for US Borsenaufsicht SEC can be found in that Tesla invested $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin. In addition, the company rated to accept bitcoin art as a payment form. "We ame that in the near future, we will accept Bitcoin as a means of payment for our products, subject to applicable laws and at a limited basis", it is called in the SEC document.

Tesla boss Elon Musk is a confessing trail of cryptovia. Not only to Bitcoin, also to other digital foods aubert the billionar regularly on the Internet. Most recently, he has twisted several times to the Internet-Dogecoin, which has greatly benefited from it. Under Krypto fans, Musk is very popular, which is why his tweets often provide for course schub for digital foods.

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