Survey: car is rarely used

Survey: car is rarely used

Many Bundesburgs use their car less frequently than ten years ago. Every third respondent gave this to a survey for the ARD "Germany trend" for that Ard morning magazine (Edition of 18. April 2019). Almost as many do not see a rough change. Only 22 percent of respondents use their car to their own comment today more intensively than earlier. In general, no more car to use, nine percent of respondents said.

In the context of transport problems in Germany, almost every second is the most important to expand public transport. Only 17 percent see more and better straws and highways in the foreground. 14 percent find the expansion of bicycle trails particularly important and almost as many reliable rail links. Six percent of respondents invite first of all the creation car-free inner town.

The questions in the wording

1. It is discussed a lot about traffic problems. For which of the following transport policy measures, they are pronounced to get traffic problems under control?

Were you most important: build more and better straws and highways to offer more and more reliable rail links, expand public transport, build more bike paths or. to build or create more car-free inner states?

2. If you compare your presentation with time ten years ago: they were said, they drive today more car as a sudden, less car, generally do not use a car more or has not changed so much?

The "GermanyTrend" is a survey of Infratest Dimap on behalf of the ARD morning magazine. Survey of 15. to 16. April 1051 voters. The results will be on this Thursday (18. April 2019) in the morning magazine.

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