Success in small format?

Success in small format?

Munchen, 17. Marz 2015 – The old recipes no longer work: The Japanese were strong in the 1980s and 90s, especially in the compact and middle class. Today you are successful with SUVs as Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5 show. Mazda wants to repeat the success of a class deeper. That will not be easy, because the segment of the compact SUV is already well occupied. However, a first exit shows that the CX-3 has a good chance of securing its share in this class.

Sufficient freedom

Because a SUV in the compact class have, despite increasing demand, does not have all the manufacturers on offer. At 4.28 m, the CX-3 is a bit longer than a Skoda Yeti and almost on the millimeter as long as an Opel Mocha. The space differences also correspond to what the competition offers in this class: two adults and two not too rough Hinterbankler have sufficient freedom of movement. For an extended holiday trip to four the trunk with 350 liters, however, is slightly narrowly dimensioned.

The seats are comfortable and can be varied as well as the grippy steering wheel varied; However, a seat high adjustment is missing on the passenger side. The electric windows, however, were also allowed in this class to open all four discs over a comfort function to open or strike with a touch of a button. The plastic surfaces are even partially led to the top version. Otherwise, the processing makes a good impression. The operation of the multimedia system with its seven-inch coarse screen works easily and largely self-clarifying – which unfortunately is still no self-consolidation. At all, Mazda has given himself all the Muhe to make the operation of the same way. The dashboard and the combined instrument contained therein effect as the most significant reduced. For my taste, the speedometer is something to be underdimensioned.

Barely wank

The chassis is a successful mix of comfort and so firmer voting, as you would be charged on Curvy Landstrain. We liked the precise steering and powerful brakes. Nick and rolling movements are lower than most competitors.

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