Shortly informed: energy system, deutsche bank, parcel delivery, maker faire

Shortly informed: energy system, deutsche bank, parcel delivery, maker faire

EU Commission relies on electricity

Two million charging panels in Europe up to 2025 are intended to promote the change to electric cars. This is the draft strategy for an integrated energy system, which the EU Commission wants to submit on Wednesday. It calculates that electric cars 2025 are competitive against those with internal combustion engines. Your market share should be at seven percent in 2030, then at 50 to 75 percent. In addition 2030, up to 85 percent of the electricity from renewable sources should come out. The rapid increase should be achieved above all by wind ratings in front of the Kuste.

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Deutsche Bank: Partnership with Google

Deutsche Bank is a strategic partnership with Google to renew and share your IT systems on cloud-based basis "Technology-based" Financial products design. According to Handelsblatt, Deutsche Bank and Google had signed a letter of intent to a multi-year contract. Deutsche Bank hopes for this partnership within the next 10 years a profit of more than one billion euros to achieve. The Bank has been fighting for several years with her diligea of IT architecture, which had always taken care of in the past for displeasure with the customers.

Complaints have risen on post and parcel delivery

In the first half of the year, customers once more likely complain about Deutsche Post and their competitors than the year before. More than 10 went to the Federal Network Agency until the end of June.000 written complaints as the authorities of the DPA notified. In 2019, there were around 8700 complaints over the same period. Around the half of the critical reports concerned packages, the most common topic were problems with delivery. That’s amazing, because according to package service providers, the delivery in private households in the weddings of the Corona crisis folded better than usual, as many people stayed more at home.

Maker Faire Online: Workshops for home

What to do in the summer? The entry into the making cart! All the usual parts, tools and help with assembly are available in the online workshops of the maker-fairing team. There are three projects that have been enthusiastic about the Maker Faires have been enthusiastic about many coarse and small new makers: the speaking monster Nokolino, a wordclock of paper and the agile varicabi robots. Information about the projects and workshops is available on the pages of the maker faire.

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