Photo year 2016: coffee grounds, highly defined

What brings the new photo year 2016? Maybe back my lens lid when the foliage is finally gone. How Panasonic could come up with the idea of donating the Leica Summilux a rubber lid, which drops every few hundred meters, must remain a secret. It is probably also helpful for the year, not to reinvent everything. But otherwise? Since there are almost so many Barista workshops like photocurce, the quality of coffee in this our land has become better, only for the coffee rates reading that does not necessarily apply. Everything dark in the screen carrier and the Rumor pages do not know more correctly.

Of course, PHOTOKINA will be again. Before, they wired for hours through the photo news pages, so that at least one can complain at the fair that there is nothing new. So I’m brave now: there will be new cameras and you will have a lot of megapixels. A Sony Alpha 7 XYZ with six megapixels, which the Bundeswehr can use as a night vision gener, probably does not come, for that, there is simply too little to see at night. The light is schonberber.

Watching in organic!

Photo year 2016: coffee grounds, highly defined

Who should only tail that: for the new sensor erosion, there are still several new lenses – and they need a lot of glass.

Probably the trend to the completion of the photographic homework continues. Sony has finished astonishingly quickly that you should not ignore the sequence of the closure before louder pixels. Canon will also learn that the contrast scope is not so important when displaying, but that eating lights and attracted shadows do not seem so prickly with 50 megapixels. Nikon has also understood that.

To the homework are also the objective. If we are not careful in biology lessons, then Zeiss presents us again a new objective series named after a bird style, from which we have never been lady.

More resolution in the cameras does not really need, more lenses that can no longer be solemingly,. For the Gluck, the subsequent recreational eggs stabbed their limits. To our bad luck we have to wear the result with a lot of glass then also. If now one could abolish the diffraction…

More special functions for the "right" Cameras

And otherwise? Otherwise the photo music plays somewhere else. The smartphone has taken care of that we are back among the photo pages and in the magazines. The mobile-modular concepts of DXO, Sony and Olympus will not create it that Knipser and enthusiasts reunite themselves. Who still doubts about it has made his last city trip from the invention of the selfie stick.

Photo year 2016: coffee grounds, highly defined

Special function for a real camera: Panasonic Post Focus. From a 4K series with 30 images per second with different sharp levels can select photographers which picture with which sharppoint you want to save as JPEG.

The industry’s answer to the smartphone invasion are more specific photo functions in the "right" Cameras. Olympus shakes the sensor until 40 megapixels down. And that even works. On the tripod. Panasonic Meanwhile, a 4K video makes a lot of 4k photos and then we look out in which we find the sharp best best. Since we would, of course, have to be really sharp before. This saves time on the computer. Together this feature is that we have to find you in the camera first. Let’s go to the submenus. Functions for freaks.

8K video buried the classic photography – quite determined

Is video a photo trend? Probably only for filmmakers. When 4k video was far away, so many thought that the photographing was finding an end. You could just take out a high-minded picture out of the movie. Now 4k is there, but compressed eight megapixels are then too small and then nobody has to be explained yet where we should take the time to distill out individual images from the video. We have just had to maintain our Instagram account and upload a cell phone image on Facebook. "But if then 8k video comes, then classic photography will be completely over." But certainly.

There "Much-helps-a lot" In marketing, it is always likely to be, the next year will determine the medium-format providers to elicit Sony a CMOS sensor with coarse flat and three-digit megapixel numbers, so that the distance to the supposed full format is preserved. For the SmallTalk with the customer before the shooting, this is probably more important than for the transmission of the data afterwards, but if the diasec monsters are still becoming sharp, the right should be the right. Although, the diasec trend is actually over.

Canon mirrorless, pentax limitless

Photo year 2016: coffee grounds, highly defined

So she should look like the full format camera of Pentax.

As far as the photo market is concerned, in 2016, the same question arises as the last years: How long can Canon still look at the market of mirrorless? As long as the entry-level workshops still sit most participants with a Nikon or Canon DSLR, full of pride, one "Right mirror reflex" To own, so long does that work with a fig leaf M series. But if the superiority only relates to sports and animal photography, as well as waste glass customer loyalty and some Powerpackmen, it becomes more difficult to catch up with the lead of competition. Then we tap Spad to the photokina on an EOS M with electronic viewfinder.

In 2015, the year in which the tradition has sailed. After Samsung in Europe has returned from the Photo Packer, all are the stupid standing, which have set that in favor of one of the most innovative APS C sensors that are not so grossly laughing in the lens program. Remains to hope that the Koreans will receive us at least as a sensor supplier, otherwise Sony will be too powerful in the double function as a supplier and camera manufacturer. Panasonic has at least realized and resumed the development of sensor. And may knock on the shoulder that once you have shared the bayonet with Olympus as newcomer.

Where tradition can be quite exhausting. This is good for Pentax, the darling of all annual views: Yes, we will experience a pentax full format camera next year, but we will definitely not experience the Pentax / Ricoh 2016 delivers everything that was requested. Good lens wants to have a while, even if they are not built at pentax.

Trend to touch

Photo year 2016: coffee grounds, highly defined

Nobody had probably expected: the mirrorless system camera Leica SL.

Still forgot? certainly. The industry yes too. Because there is a trend that has completely returned to landlust biomaby completely from the Neumarkt: the analogue. The black and bottom of the black is increasing, while the last camera manufacturers are backed up beyond the luxury segment from (new) market. Ebay is pleased and the flea market too.

Maybe the trend towards touching. Canon wants to boost the homeprinting market again in 2016 with a DIN A2 attack on Epson. Meanwhile, Fuji, Impossible and Polaroid are made of true smartphones and even more genuine cameras to talk out of all the immediate immediate photos. We Press The Button and the rest we still do it yourself.

The most lovent on the new photo year but are the novelty, with which nobody counts now. For Fuji cameras with a high resolution no one has to clean the glass ball, but who had already thought of a Leica SL in 2014. Not me. Maybe be on coffee.

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