New limits, old system

New limits, old system

Today was such a day that made people understand why politicians are mostly old. It’s probably just necessary to see 30 to 50 years of doing everything the same way, with quick fixes to things whose cause needed to be addressed. At some point these things consist almost only of putty. Then a little thing that hadn’t done anything to the steel frame before breaks it all down, requiring quick fubwork, which usually consists of a metaphorical trip to the hardware store, looking for better putty. Real politicians call this "Realpolitik". The word means something like: "We only do what we think we can do because we can no longer believe that we can do otherwise." Realpolitik is thus logically near circular. And in real politics there is only real politics, that’s why SPD and CDU are indistinguishable in practice.

The current sow in the village, you have surely noticed, are the newly adopted limits for nitrogen oxides, which cars are allowed to spew out in "Real Driving Emissions" (RDE). For the laboratory tests, there were 80 mg. Newly type-approved vehicles are to be allowed to exceed this limit value in the RDE, only up to 168 mg. And already these two simple sentences have led us into the deepest jungle, full of politics plants, social limbs animals and physical panthers.

Welcome to the Jungle

The car lobby wanted to sell its will as a success for everyone, that it is good the way it is, because otherwise it is likely that it will stay the way it was, because no agreement could be reached. And it would be better, after all, if cars were only allowed to go on the rampage at twice the price instead of, say, forty times the price, as occasionally happens. The opposing side denounces that the car lobby got its way, which deviates significantly from the will of the majority. Facebook’s relationship status became say: "It’s complicated." Both sides bring valid arguments, so you can’t even entrench yourself in your preferred camp anymore.

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