Lower saxony: straubbau should be accelerated

Lower saxony: straubbau should be accelerated

Lower Saxony liked to speed up the strain construction and simplify planning steps for it. Transport Minister Bernd Althusmann (CDU) has submitted a reform of the strain law, including the Cabinet on Tuesday (17. September 2019). In the construction of community, circular and land straps, the spatial order and planning approval procedure are to be narrower and the plaintiffs of those affected on two instances. The execution of construction projects should be accelerated with 24-hour construction sites, the awarding of general contractors and Pramien for deductible completion.

Model Netherlands and Danemark

During the Netherlands and Danemark straws were significantly faster and built with fewer objections, Germany is all twice and triple, said Althusmann. Zahe action procedure delayed important projects for decades. Through changes in the federal and European law, the Minister therefore liked the association’s legal action of environmental links, exposures in the court proceedings, which have already been submitted in the planning procedure and preventing a building disk for complete strain projects, if only a claim must be handled after a lawsuit. With the Netherlands, Althusmann wanted to intensify the exchange.

"My goal is to build federal hubs in less than ten years," said Althusmann. So far, it takes about a federal tube bypass from the start of the planning to completion. In the case of highway construction sites in Lower Saxony, in 2018, in the case of Zwolf Construction contracts and acceleration loss events have been agreed in four cases. For three construction sites on the A2, the order was assigned to a general contractor with the aim that the work is then done faster. Successful, a pilot project for planning acceleration for the B3 bypass in Elstorf had been in the district of Harburg, where two and a half years could be won.

Construction of bike paths should be accelerated

The planned reform of the Lower Sachsian Strasting Act is also to facilitate the construction of cycle paths that did not run next to a strain. For this, the municipalities are designed to carry out the planning and withstand the cooperation with the strain farmers. The government hopes for a simplification because the projects are in one hand. As the Hannoversche general newspaper reported, the city and municipal office welcomes the simplified bike path construction. "The bike is becoming increasingly important as a climate-neutral and health serving traffic brick," said spokesman Thorsten Bullerdiek.

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