Ios updates soon also over 5g

Ios updates soon also over 5g

Thanks 5G Apple now also gives big downloads on the mobile network. How users of iPhone 12 and 12 Pro reports and Apple has confirmed in a support document, IOS updates can also be downloaded and installed without Wi-Fi. There is also a new switch called in the system settings "Data mode". To find this is under "settings", "Mobile network" and "Data options". If you use the dual SIM function – then currently no 5G mode is possible – if you choose "settings" and "Mobile network" the number, whose options are allowed to change.

"Allow more data" can be predicted

Under "Data mode" There are three ways that can be selected as soon as 5g is actively switched. "Allow more data in 5g" Music it loud Apple "Features with high data usage for apps and system tasks" Over the mobile network. "To do this, FaceTime with high quality, HD content in Apple TV, Apple Music titles and videos and iOS updates over the mobile communications connection."

Important: Even third-party apps can also draw more mobile data. That is also "The default setting for some unlimited data tariffs deposited by the mobile service provider". Users should ask what is preset by them.

Setting modes and smart data

Is at "Data mode" the middle value "default" Selected, the iPhone works as usual. From a certain file groove only Wi-Fi is allowed. Furthermore, there is still the third option "Data-saving mode". This is contributed to this, "to reduce the use of wireless and mobile data by stopping automatic updates and background tasks", So Apple.

Also 5G per se can be configured. This is in the area "Language data" possible. 5g on "automatically", Is the so-called smart data mode active. "If 5G speeds are not recognizable to better performance, the iPhone automatically switches to LTE and thus demands the battery life", So Apple. "5g activated" Leave 5G stapled. That can, warns Apple, reduce the battery life. Is again only "LTE" Active, 5g will not be activated.

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