Ios suggests russian apps in russia

Ios suggests russian apps in russia

Apple is now bends up propositions of Russian and offers iOS users in the country automatically automatically specific apps that can then install them without detours. Report users of the iPhone operating system in the region. Accordingly, the offer appears in the iPhone setup process that needs to be undergoing an update or reinstallation of an Apple smartphone. The change has apparently been implemented server-side, the system does not need to be updated.

Automatic redirection to the App Store

After inter alia, users have set up automatic updates, FaceTime and IMessages, True Tone Screen, Screen Time and Analytics, the new screen appears on. This carries the App Store logo and suggests that you press on the proceeds button "in accordance with Russian legal requirements" on "Accessible apps for download" be pointed out.

These dive under the title "Russian apps" In the App Store and include, among other things, offers from Yandex, Mail.RU, ICQ or VK. Among them is, it is about "Some apps of Russian developers", the downloadable. Again, it is again pointed to the legal specification. Previous pre-installed is apparently not, users must always click on installation. The dialog can also be terminated on clicking on an X.

Law decided in autumn 2019

Apple had already announced a newspaper report against the agenda, the requirement from the 1. April. This applies next to the iPhone also for ipads. The law adopted by the Russian Parliament in autumn 2019 should demand Russian app alternatives and applies to all manufacturers. The standard apps include browsers, antivirus software, map services, messengers and e-mail apps, which, among others, from the Russian companies Yandex, Mail.Ru and Kaspersky Labs come, so the newspaper Wedomosti in March.

The apps seem to be smooth after installation. However, the applications are directly displayed in the setup process, the apps were able to receive significantly more users. According to reports, Apple had clearly rejected the new law and also considered leaving the Russian market, the pre-installation of third-party software Kame a Jailbreak equal. The display of a list of Russian apps for installation now seems a compromise. The Group normally installs no applications that do not come from himself, but are partly country-specific. For example, FaceTime is not available in certain regions.

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