Federal government does not want universal app in the fight against corona

Federal government does not want universal app in the fight against corona

Executions of individual guides in the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), functions of existing online applications in the fight against the Corona pandemic and the art epidemics in a single app merged, the federal government is not good at. It is not planned to link the Corona Warning App (CWA) with other striking digital tools underlines the Federal Ministry of Health.

Direct channel to the population

Patrick Schmich, Head of the Department Epidemiological Data and Survey Center in the federal upper resorts for infectious diseases, had inherited in an online congress such a Swiss knife for digital epidemiology into play. According to this, the RKI was able to express a more targeted to him, to build a direct channel for population and use it as a source of information.

In the lecture is it "Tools" gone, the RKI has been involved in the past few months or that it has programmed itself, the government now writes in an answer to a request from the opposition. In addition to the CWA, about the Corona Data Data App or the DIVI register, free intensive care beds have been talked about. The institute work but "at the moment" not at one "hypothetically debated" so-called universal app.

"Decisive for the high acceptance of the CWA is the trust of the population in the application", Stresses the health department. "This is achieved in particular by the data-saving, decentralized approach." The RKI will "also do not deviate in the future". The warning app remains a self-standing tool for pandemie vapor.

No strong app expansion planned

Last week, a representative of the Ministry had also granted demands a cancellation to significantly expand the functionality of the CWA. For example, the idea is skeptically opposed to use the app as a digital check-in instrument at Restaurant Visit. This was towards the principle of voluntary. There are currently only considerations that the application may be to yield a contact diary to which the user alone has access.

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