Expert council: germany must build quantum computers in a few years

Expert council: germany must build quantum computers in a few years

An expert commission used by the Federal Government has one "Roadmap Quantum Computing" created. The 16 representatives from business and science demand: Germany MUSSE in FUF to ten years "in combination with the European partners will be able to build and operate an application-related quantum computer at the top of international competition".

"Our milestone: International Competitive Quantum Computer with at least 100 individually controllable qubits and scaling potential to 500 qubits", it is called in the paper that has become published now. The first rough is seen as a prerequisite for a performance quantum computer that can overflow conventional processes.

Quantum advantage for practice-relevant applications

Google has indicated, already with 53 qubits to have achieved the desired quantum superiority. IBM took the quantum processor Hummingbird with 65 qubits last year and pages a 1121 qubit with 1121 quibs for 2023. The information content in a qubit is generally high thanks to its intermediate positions than in one bit, which is either 0 or 1.

The aim is to be according to the timetable to demonstrate a quantum advantage for practical applications in the Federal Republic in a timely manner. Within ten to fifth years, the experts strive "Error-corrective quantum computer systems for solving a universal class to problems" with exponential quantum shoulding. Germany should take a leading role and together with European partners "cover the part of the value chain relevant to the strategic independence".

Existential technology

"It is not just a fascinating thought to loose tasks in the near future, where even the most powerful supercomputers do today", Writing the Munchner Physicist Stefan Filipp and the Chief Technologist of the Laser Specialist TRUMPF, Peter Leibinger, as a council representative in the foreword. For a leading technology location, this is also a must: "For our high-tech industry, access to this technology can be existential".

Quantum computers provide you with the potential, "Highly complex systems for the development of novel batteries or for the exploration of medical active ingredients to simulate". Furthermore, they could "Far-reaching efficiency increases in numerous relevant applications allow, from the optimization of traffic rivers or production expiration to model calculations in climate research".

Germany and Europe are required to significantly intensify their efforts in the coming years. Dealing with the topic "is quite a matter of technological sovereignty in global competition with strong competitors, especially in Asia and the USA", It is called. The advice wants something like that "Set a signal for an even more closely, on the market-oriented shoulder of business, science and politics". The world is not waiting for Germany: "We have to start now."

Deficits in Germany

To the status quo, the experts who felt renowned quantum physicists and representatives of corporations such as BASF, Bosch, Infineon and Volkswagen "In Germany, relevant competences and know-how are available in a significant extent. These are widely distributed and still little economic-oriented. Neither individual actors nor existing consortia are today able to tackle the development, construction and operation of quantum computers."

It gives "Look in scalable hardware development, system integration, the software stack" and in case of striking patent applications, the panel has identified. Deficits Bestage In addition "in the availability of digital and technological infrastructure". Furthermore missing "The instruments and framework conditions for a rapid technology transfer from research into industry".

"To be successful, we have to coordinate our power in a holistic okosystem bundling and activities", underlines the Council. "For this purpose, strong European partners should be involved from the beginning and national with European measures." In September, the EU Commission presented its plan for European high-performance calculation, which is also about quantum computing.

"Quantum Computer Made in Germany"

Recommend the experts "the immediate competitive construction of hubs and competence networks" with companies as well as universities and research institutions. Daruber should "Vertical construction of a quantum computing system of technology platforms up to the software" be advanced.

In addition, according to the Council, one should "Reaching umbrella organization" be set up in the form of a German quantum community (DQG). This thirst "No authority or organization with budget responsibility". Be in demand "A novel, lightweight instrument for the umbrella orchestration of the measures", To the efficient implementation of the overall strategy "Quantum Computer Made in Germany" to ensure a cast. Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek (CDU) started a new year’s new, million-heavy initiative for quantum technologies, which is not sufficient to the experts.

Currently not foreseeable which technology platform will end up enforcing the Council. Different approaches such as superconducting gearshot, ion traps, lattices with neutral atoms, spin-qubits and photon sampling therefore had to be prosecuted in parallel before a further focus of the resources take place.

The digital expert of the CDU / CSU parliamentary group, Tankred Schipanski, buried the proposals: "We can not handle the practical application and resulting business models from the US and China lifted." That’s why it’s important, "that the first quantum computer in Germany will go into operation this month and then be used intensively for German researchers." The Christian Democrat demands: " We have to create the quantum leap."

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