Edo competition brings porsche cayenne gts to 450 hp

Edo competition brings porsche cayenne gts to 450 hp

Ahlen, 17. November 2008 – Tuner Edo Competition preserves the Porsche Cayenne GTS a performance in which the SUV mutated to the EDO GTS.

270 km / h top

Thanks to sports catalysts, sports air filter inserts and a specially tailored engine electronics, the Swabian SUV comes after treatment by the Westphalia to 450 instead of standard 405 hp. The torque maximum also lift the ahlener from 500 to 530 Newton meters. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h the car graduates in 6.4 seconds. The highest speed is 270 km / h, which are 17 km / h more than the series version.

Gross dimensional brakes

For the delay of the powerful SUV, a rough brake system ensures. In the front, increased brake discs and lines were mounted as well as a hexagon-monobloc festive saddle. In addition, an adjustable sports suspension is on offer, which lays the body on customer request front and back individually deeper. The chassis is separated and independent of each other in prere and tensile stage steam.

Price on customer request

So that the EDO GTS also visually differentes from the series version, the Sport SUV preserves a new front hood with PowerDomes as well as a taught lower part with four fog lights. As a footwear, 22-inch alloy wheels with 295er pneus are front and rear. Who wants, the rim stars can be painted individually individually. Furthermore, there are colored numerals, a pedal set made of aluminum and elaborate leather outfits. The price for the renovation will be announced on customer inquiry.

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