Edge legacy: end of life for microsoft’s web browser with own rendering engine

Edge legacy: end of life for microsoft's web browser with own rendering engine's web browser with own rendering engine

Microsoft’s old browser with the in-house rendering engine EDGTHTML has reached its end of life. For the browser, who no longer only edited is called, but has received the addition Legacy, there is no support anymore. With the April update for Windows 10, the browser is also automatically removed from the system and replaced by the new version.

“Our new and modern browser, Microsoft Edge, debuted more than a year ago and today he is found on hundreds of millions”, explains the company in the updated blog post. Microsoft had already announced that Edge Legacy is no longer supported in the year of the year of the year of this year, and thus no security swallow are biased.

As soon as customers import the cumulative April update for Windows 10, from the 13th. April should be available, Microsoft Edge Legacy exchanges through Edge. For users of the kiosk mode, ie a restriction of the usability of the browser, Microsoft warns that they initially install the new browser themselves, then have to activate the kiosk mode there and only then can play the April update. If you do not think about this order, you have to re-set up the entire kiosk mode.

Assistance and exceptions

Otherwise, Microsoft has set up Help pages for change, Fasttrack is about 150 licenses for enterprise customers from 150 licenses. This can be provided and configured Edge at the same time. The App-AP program, Microsoft’s service at web app and compatibility ies, is also available for address.

If you do not yet switch to Windows 10, you will not receive an automatic edge exchange. Of course, the chromium-based browser can be voluntarily downloaded and install immediately.

Although Internet Explorer 11 remains alive, but it is also slowly crazy. Since November he will not be able to use for teams. From 17. August 2021 does not support him Microsoft 365 anymore. Microsoft believes customers have more of them if they use the new browser edge.

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