Daimler uses telematics for flexible truck insurance rates

The car maker Daimler uses the modern board electronics in Mercedes trucks again for the calculation of his insurance rates. The idea behind it: The telematics in the warehouses – with the freight forwarding, for example, optimize route times, driver’s use and freight routes – can also be added to the risk of the insurer. Specifically, this means that a saddle tractor with lightweight cargo in the lowland is not so danger as a heavy transporter, which regularly ride on steep mountain neck.

The technique even collects data on driving: forward-looking driving with gentle gas and timely brakes thus not only fuel, but also to save insurance program. As Daimler further announced in Stuttgart on Wednesday, tariff costs could be reduced by up to 60 percent. The hook on the point: The offer is valid for customers who use the FleetBoard Daimler telematics system and opt for the appropriate insurance from the Daimler Group.

In Germany about 30 have.000 Laster Fleetboard in your fleet house. At the end of 2010 were 15.000 commercial vehicles on products of Mercedes-Benz Bank insured – it is only for the brand with the star tatig. A spokesman explained that billing for the new insurance form monthly in retrospect – depending on which telematics values were then incurred.

Telematics is a future-oriented industry. Daimler’s daughter Fleet Board GmbH develops the systems for commercial vehicles. The mobile phone network will transfer data from the driver’s cab and transfer to the driver’s cab. For example, the Brummi driver can receive a spontaneous appearance from the control panel via a screen. For cars, there is not this trend so yet – also from grounds of data protection. Internet, mobile phone, navigation and entertainment systems also merge into cars to combined systems.

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