Apple blows wireless touch id – hope for intel macs

Apple blows wireless touch id - hope for intel macs

With the freshly incoming M1-IMACS, Apple delivers a Bluetooth keyboard with the more expensive models, which has a wireless touch ID. With the sensor mounted on the top, it is possible to unlock his Mac by fingerprint, to find Apple-Pay transactions, to open secured areas of MacOS or shop in the App Store. This previously went with Apple notebooks in which the sensor was built directly.

Exchange between keyboard and Mac

As the manufacturer is now in English in English, the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, which is also available in a variant with numeric keypads (for a surcharge), is enclosed with all Touch-ID-Fahige Macs. "The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the built-in touch ID sensors are compatible", Write the Group Lapidar. Currently, however, only M1 machines such as MacBook Pro M1 and MacBook Air M1 – and not their Intel variants. For this one software update seems necessary.

According to Apple, the sensors of keyboard and Mac connect safely. "If a finger has been logged in to the built-in Touch ID sensor of the MACS, it can also be used on the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and the Secure Enclave recognizes the match." This also conversely, so fingers with the external keyboard "enrolled" became.

Memories of the Gray iMac Pro keyboard

The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID serves as a biometric sensor. The fingerprint templates were not stored in the keyboard, as Apple, too "Biometric matching" takes place in the Mac. Also in MacOS integrated security methods such as the duty to enter the password 48 hours after a touch ID Unlock, the keyboard was not determined by the keyboard. Prior to use, the sensor must be safe in the wireless keyboard and Secure Enclave in the Mac, Apple continues. The entire process is controlled by the Secure Enclave, the Touch ID sensor in the Magic Keyboard is quasi of their prolonged arm.

Currently it is possible that a Mac secure pairing with up to five different Magic keyboard keyboards with touch ID maintenance. The keyboard is currently not sold in the normal variant than in the digit block version; It is currently only available together with an iMac m1. Apple often kneads such a coveted accessory at the beginning and sells it later – an example are the "spare" Keyboards of the iMac Pro. The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, Apple provides in each color of the iMac – of which there are seven.

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