Analysts predict iphone without power supply and earhorer

Analysts predict iphone without power supply and earhorer

Especially extensive, Apple’s free smartphone facilities have never been: So far, the Group always delivers wired earhorers with its iPhones, a power supply (depending on the model with up to 18 watts) and a connection cable (depending on the model USB-A on Lightning or USB-C on Lightning) with – that’s it. Maybe the company will be coming "iPhone 12" a little bit. That suspects at least analysts from the bank barclays.

The replacement end of the Earpods

According to their youngest report, which is based on contacts with several Apple suppliers, the new iPhones will not include Earpods (selling price: 30 euros), such as Apple calls his Lightning Earhorer. A replacement – about airpods – there is allegedly not. Similar forecasts had previously made the well-known Apple Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from the TF International Securities’ money building – he is often right in his forecasts.

Only cable in the box?

But barclays go a step further. Accordingly, Apple wants to be at the "iPhone 12"-Models – News are allegedly four different planned – no power supply will enclose. Accordingly, the only one "iPhone 12"-Accessories include a lightning-to-USB C cable. Customers had either the favorable 5-watt power supply for 25 euros (then if necessary also a Lightning-after-USB-A cable) or the 18-watt power supply for 35 euros (with USB-C), if You have no power supply ready.

Sustainability and margin

Which motivation Apple has for such a step is unclear – it is possible that the company funding the maaking with environmental protection and sustainability, because you do not have the frequently existing USB power supplies anymore "appeal". However, the group would, of course, also drive his iPhone margin up. Apple still seems to plan to bring a new 20-watt power supply to the market, which the customers had to buy individually. Currently, it is largely identified that Apple two simpler and two more expensive "iPhone 12"-Models plans. Whether really all four do not get power supplies, remains unclear. For the current iPhone 11 Pro Max you pay up to 1650 euros in the manufacturer.

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