Advertising delivery for media: poland opposition calls back

Advertising delivery for media: poland opposition calls back

The opposition in Poland has prompted the National Conservative PIS Government to reduce a planned advertising charge for media. The submission is a danger of the plurality of the media, it is called in a joint explanation published on Tuesday of several parties. "There is no democracy without the freedom of the word. There is no free company without access to the free flow of ideas, opinions and information". Both representatives of the large oppositional Burger coalition (Ko) as well as the left as well as the peasant party PSL had signed the protest.

Corona pandemic as a fundamental

The PIS Government wants to ask with the submission of international and national media companies as well as cinemas and providers of gross advertising for revenue from advertising to checkout. The half of the elevation of the new delivery, for which the government is the term "tax" deliberately avoids, should lead to the National Health Fund NFZ. The PIS funds her projects with the consequences of the Corona Pandemic. Critics, however, see an attempt to weak independent media in Poland.

In the past few weeks, private radio and television broadcasters, newspapers and news portals had one "Media Blackout" protested against the muzzle. Internet portals and the two large private stations Polsat and TVN appeared with black background, in the private radio ran a protest declaration instead of the news.

Support instead of new duties

The EU Commission’s monitoring of media freedom in the European Union’s monitoring is also concerned about the tarp. Since the media has been hit by the pandemic economically, they had to be supported, beat it in the past week. The EU Commission will continue to pursue the situation exactly.

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