4X4? Not with me!

4X4? Not with me!

Barcelona (Spain), 16. December 2013 – More and more Germans are buying SUVs. If this continues, every third new car could belong to this category in 2020. Increasingly common among them: cars that tend toward small cars, like the new Ford EcoSport. It will be launched on the market in mid-2014, and we have already had the opportunity to test it.

In South America, the EcoSport has already been selling extremely well for a good ten years. The second edition was launched according to the "One Ford"-motto for the whole world (there are supposed to be more than 100 countries). The huge radiator grille does not look quite as nasty in real life as it does in the pictures. Technical basis is the so-called global B-platform of Fiesta and B-Max. This is evident in the exhaust volumes: At 4.27 meters, the EcoSport is almost as long as an Opel Mokka, but clearly taller than a Nissan Juke or Peugeot 2008. 26 centimeters of the car’s length are used for the spare wheel at the rear alone. Fortunately, the fifth wheel only slightly restricts the view, but the parking aid is nevertheless a great relief.

Seniors can feel at home

With 310 to 1238 liters, the trunk volume is not particularly large in comparison. At least the loading sill is low. If only the rear seat backs are folded down, there is still a step. Rear passengers can adjust the inclination of the backrests. The EcoSport also scores points for its very good headroom in all seats, while legroom in the rear is acceptable, but not ample. Ford sees the target group age-mabig with 30+, we were added still 20 years: The comfortable entrance and the high seat position are for many seniors beating arguments with the autopurchase. In addition, there’s a better overview than the rough shape would suggest.

The driver’s workplace is very much in the style of the Fiesta, so it’s not the ultimate in terms of operation: Although the climate controls are pleasantly high, an army of buttons spreads out above them. To keep distractions in check, Ford offers Sync voice recognition; integration of various apps is new. Nice thing, but we would prefer an optional navigation system. Did we just say optional navigation system? It does exist, but only in the form of a TomTom app on a cell phone connected via Bluetooth or USB.

6-speed DCG only with the entry-level engine

German customers have a choice between two gasoline and one diesel engine. The latter is 90 hp and was derived from the familiar 1.6-liter self-tyre. The entry-level engine is the 1.5 Ti-VCT with 112 hp, and is the only one to come with the six-speed dual-clutch transmission. No new Ford is launched without an EcoBoost unit; in the EcoSport it is the 125 hp version of the one-liter three-cylinder engine.

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